Bags made from sustainable plants and non toxic resin

Pack from nature

Have e-commerce and worried on excessive use of disposable plastic? We have a solution for you – compostable shipping bags!

Bags made from sustainable plants and non toxic resin

Pack from nature

You have eCommerce and frightened by the large use of disposable plastic? Here’s the solution for you – 100% compostable mailings bags!


No matter in what country you are, we will deliver compostable bags everywhere!


Pack from nature made from sustainable plants - corn, non toxic, compostable resin.


Waterproof, tough, flexible. tear resistant, re-usable.


100% compostable at home!

About pack from nature

Attending sustainable fashion markets and fairs we witnessed staggering statistics of plastic pollution in our world. We realised the problem and became concerned about the excessive use of disposable plastic not in our daily lives but also in business. Even a little step towards sustainable business is a great hope to the future of our planet. We understand we must think globally and act locally.

Being engaged in online trade ourselves and offering sustainable fashion products, we were well aware that the next step towards sustainable business will be product packaging. We see there are so many people and businesses like ours. After in-depth analysis of the issue, we decided to propose compostable shipping envelopes to Lithuania, in the attempt to bring us, our society and business forwards the more nature friendly lifestyle.

We encourage you, companies and creators, to join our mission from the spring of 2020 and keep the nature free from disposable plastic.

Step by step to a more sustainable future!

Why to buy and use our best quality packs from nature?

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You can order them on our website. Delivery starts from 2020 March.

These bags made mainly from corn strach (PLA) and PBAT. All of these are home compostable materials.

You can compost them at home or send to composting facilities. Before composting remove all the labels attached to this bag, then the best way is to cut them up and put it in your compost bin as “brown” materials.

Under right composting conditions it will breakdown within 6 month.

Unfortunately, but the white strip is not composted, it is just recyclable. It should be sorted with regular plastic.

Yes, but the minimum order starts from 20,000 units.

Estimated delivery time for samples: 

Standard shipping – from week to 3 weeks, depends on the country. 

Fast shipping – from 3 to 6 working days. 

Estimated delivery time for bigger orders:

From 3 to 6 working days. 

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