New design with only the key information and only on one side. The other side is for your brand fantasies! We created this particular design inspired by your comments and feedback. Only the basic and the most relevant information on one side. The other side of the bag is for your brand fantasies. We recommend using paper stickers and print them with environmentally friendly ink. The customer will not have to remove them before disposing the bag in the compost. If you need help with stickers, you can always contact us, we are ready to help⁣

No longer disposable! With two adhesive strips for at least two trips! This way, we can reduce the consumption of this category of goods at least to some extent by reusing them at least twice.⁣

Customer convenience is another advantage of the two adhesive tapes. If the order did not fit for the customer, he has no trouble of considering what to do the wrong order. If he cannot use the bag for his needs, he can use it for returning the goods to you.

Even more certificates and even faster degradable! Certified for composting at home! ?⁣

One more size for smaller items – jewellery, socks and other little trivia!

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