Our compostable bags are renewable!

New design with only the key information and only on one side. The other side is for your brand fantasies! We created this particular design inspired by your comments and feedback. Only the basic and the most relevant information on one side. The other side of the bag is for your brand fantasies. We recommend using paper stickers and print them with environmentally friendly ink. The customer will not have to remove them before disposing the bag in the compost. If you need help with stickers, you can always contact us, we are ready to help⁣

No longer disposable! With two adhesive strips for at least two trips! This way, we can reduce the consumption of this category of goods at least to some extent by reusing them at least twice.⁣

Customer convenience is another advantage of the two adhesive tapes. If the order did not fit for the customer, he has no trouble of considering what to do the wrong order. If he cannot use the bag for his needs, he can use it for returning the goods to you.

Even more certificates and even faster degradable! Certified for composting at home! ?⁣

One more size for smaller items – jewellery, socks and other little trivia!

Did you know plastic bags were created to save our planet?

Plastic bags were developed as an alternative to paper bags, as deforestation for bags has become a huge problem for Sweden’s nature and its forests.⁣
Plastic bags turned out to be much stronger, waterproof, lighter than paper bags, and reusable. It never occurred to Sten Gustaf Thulin, the creator of these bags, that people would just dispose of them. But plastic was so cheap that it just became disposable. Disposable plastics is now a major threat to our seas and oceans. It is estimated that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans…

Let’s make a change. Even in small steps, going easy. There are now many alternatives for disposable plastics: organic cotton reusable shopping bags, metal straws, bees wax food wraps, bamboo toothbrushes, and many other. There are over 2000 of you in our Pack from nature Instagram page which means you care, and if everyone of us gives up disposable plastic every day, it will be 2000 less of them daily. Small steps – big achievements, for the only home of all of us – our Earth!

Step Toward To Sustainable Mailing Bags

Plastic industry produces 300 million tons of plastic per year worldwide. 600 billion plastic bags are produced worldwide per year. Traditional plastic take 500 years to completely decompose. An estimated 10 000 to 100 000 tons of plastics are in the ocean surface waters. Plastic debris trash kills an estimated 100 000 marine mammals annualy as well as millions of birds and fishes. Turtles mistake bags for jellyfish. It is very sad statistics, yes?

In the last few years, with the maturation of PLA, PBTA and other materials in the production process , compostable bags have made great breakthroughs in waterproof and stretch. Now they can completely replace ordinary plastic bag. And here is the sollution!

Sustainable packaging, which made from corn starch, non toxic, compostable resign and break down within 45 days in an ideal compost Environment and within 6 months in home compost. Forget old plastic bags and say Yes to compostable bags!

From our raw materials ,ink ,to finished products,you can be sure that any item we produced will break down and not harm the environment in the process ! Can be composted at home or commercially.